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first generation HPB node

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Lunar Node is one of the very first international HPB nodes featuring the HPB Blockchain Offload Engine, the unique hardware driven blockchain acceleration chip developed by HPB.

Lunar node is implemented at the heart of an award winning, creative agency strategically  located in the Netherlands, right on the main transatlantic internet knot offering an extremely fast fiber optic connection. 



As HPB holder, by voting for one of the international nodes, such as Lunar Node, you are strengthening  the HPB network outside of China and enhancing it's chances of being adopted globally from the start. A vast deployment of the network also provides advantages in terms of stability, security and overall speed.

Your vote together with Lunar Node's outstanding attributes will help make worlds fastest blockchain become even more global.



Lunar Node has consitently produced creative 
content that has been used by Youtubers and other media  to promote HPB.

We have been working closely with 

Danny Rowshandel (managing director of HPB) 

in the creation of special animations.